About Our Social Work

Feed For Hungry Child

No Hungry Child program is focused towards distributing Nutritious food to poor needy children along with Education support.  We have a daily nutritious meal coverage of more than 21,00 under-privileged, Orphans & Physical challenged children. Our daily food distribution regimen is smooth efficient & dependable-365 days a year.

Education to Every Child

All kids reserve the option to go to class and learn, paying little mind to what their identity is, the place where they live or how much cash their family has. Quality learning requires a protected, well disposed climate, qualified and persuaded instructors, and guidance in dialects understudies can comprehend.

Patient and Family Support

Family has a huge job in clinic treatment of patients, since it can give powerful mental and enthusiastic help to patients going through treatment to medical clinic. Moreover, the above part of family isn’t just critical for grown-ups yet in addition for youngsters and pregnant ladies, who need their spouses during their labor. Subsequently, the clinical and nursing staff needs to keep in touch with guardians and family members of patients, and furnish them with the proper data concerning the state of their patient and the advancement of the helpful modified. This can make them equipped for offering powerful mental help to their patient.

Provide Treatment

They offer services to children from underprivileged families from tribal or rural areas The pediatric clinic is managed by MWJKS with the help of a nursing.

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